10 Tips for Tending to Your Michigan Landscaping This Fall

10 Tips for Tending To Your Michigan Landscaping This FallFall has come around again, although, you don’t have to leave your outdoor garden and landscaping to the wayside this year. You can follow the top ten tips below to keep it looking great and create a more well-preserved outdoor space for next season.

1. Don’t Cut The Perennials. For added protection from the elements, birds can use the foliage from your perennials for food and shelter. Also, the seed pods from these plants fall when the temperatures begin to drop and can create more flowers next year.

2. Mulch Around Perennials. You may want to consider adding another layer of mulch to your well-established plants to help them maintain decent temperatures underneath the soil and provide for an extra few weeks of root growth.

3. Exercise A Fall Cleanup. In order to prevent disease and an insect invasion, be sure to clear away all decaying leaves and other debris from your lawn. Rotting plant matter, when allowed to sit on top and around plants, will welcome the growth of bacteria and open the door for disease..

4. Plant Spring Bulbs In Late Fall. Tulips, crocus and daffodil are a few of the many spring bulbs you can plant in October. By doing so, you will give the roots enough time to establish and form a strong bond.

5. Fertilize Your Plants. After you’ve cleared up dead debris and planted new bulbs, fertilize the areas of your landscaping to provide plants with nutrients to get them through the cold weather.

6. Bring Inside Any Tropical Plants. Now is the time to take any warm-weather-loving plants indoors to keep them healthy and colorful. You shouldn’t have a hard time getting these plants to thrive inside your home, along as you remember to water as needed and provide plenty of sunshine.

7. Prepare Your Irrigation System And Water Fountain For Winter. To ensure the pipes of your watering system and your water fountain don’t burst during winter, you’ll need to make sure no more water is left in them before below-freezing temps arrive.

8. Buy A Cover For Your Fountain. You can protect your water feature from damage during the winter by purchasing a cover that matches its size. This will ensure no snow or ice falls into the basin of the fountain, potentially clogging the pipes and damaging it.

9. Clean Your Fountain Before Emptying It. This step will make sure that there is no debris left inside the pipes during winter that can dry up and clog the pipes.

10. Remove Any Leaves From The Water In Your Fountain. Fallen leaves and other debris lying on top the water in your fountain can decompose and lead to bacteria and algae. Not only can it create an unpleasant color and smell, but algae can clog your pipes and invite organisms to invade.

10 Tips for Tending to Your Michigan Landscaping This Fall

Follow these landscaping tips when preparing your outdoor space for fall and winter, and maintain a lovely looking garden that will continue to thrive in the following year.

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