As with all landscapes, maintenance is an integral key to keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful. At Sinacori, we offer several maintenance programs customized to fulfill your particular needs.

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Commercial and Residential Maintenance Programs

  • Lawn mowing – lawn cutting, trimming and edging
  • Spring and fall cleanup – removal of all debris (leaves, branches, trash) from landscape beds, parking lot and lawn areas
  • Lawn core aeration – done in early spring or late fall, aeration extracts plugs from your lawn to help the root system breathe better and extract nutrients and water easily.
  • Bed remulching – top dress landscape beds with a fresh layer of hardwood mulch
  • Bed maintenance – weeding the landscape beds, deadheading annuals and perennials
  • Tree and shrub trimming – removal of all dead branches and reshaping of the plant
  • Annual plantings – installation of summer annuals and fall mums
  • Soil sampling – to build a healthy lawn you need to have the soil balanced correctly to identify what if any nutrients are needed.
  • Commercial Snow Removal only


Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal only. We work directly with property management companies, homeowners associations and business owners to help relieve the burden of snow removal.

We use trucks with plows, skid steers and loaders with pushers. We leave the equipment right on site for the entire season so the crew can get started in a timely manner.