We create the best memories during summer as that’s when we often open our homes to friends and families. That’s why many homeowners undertake outdoor projects and repair jobs during this time. After all, who wants to invite guests to their homes if the outdoor is messy and not maintained?

If you’re looking for landscaping and hardscaping ideas that can amplify the beauty of your outdoor area and increase your home value, we’ve got you covered. This guide discusses three areas you should focus on and instantly improve your curb appeal.

Fix the pavers

Brick pavers are common in Washington, MI, homes, with many homeowners preferring them for many reasons. For example, they are pretty sturdy, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and add a timeless appeal to any outdoor space. In addition, when pavers get damaged, you don’t have to change the entire pavement, as is the case with concrete pavers. You only need to change the damaged part.

This summer is about fixing damaged pavers and adding more sealant to fix stains and discoloration.

Build retaining walls

Retaining walls can add the aesthetic appeal your home is missing and serve a functional role. These walls are a great addition to outdoor space in houses built on slopes as they protect a property’s foundation from the damaging effect of eroded water and soil. In addition, they keep the dirt from getting to your home, thereby keeping the outdoor clean.

Keep in mind that retaining walls shift with time and thus must be re-leveled. You can also notice gaps, which necessitate fixing. Therefore, if your home is in a sloppy area and lacks a retaining wall, it’s time to have one erected this summer. If you already have an existing retainer wall, call an expert to have it fixed and re-leveled.

Replace your metal fire pit with a brick paver fire pit

Many homes have metal fire pits. Although they’re aesthetically appealing when new, metal fire pits tend to rust, which ruins their aesthetics. If your metal fire pit has deteriorated and you’ve been ignoring it, it’s time to replace it with brick fire pits this summer.

Brick paver fire pits are not only affordable but also easy to maintain. In addition, they are easy to repair and fix. Therefore, this summer, hire professionals to replace your metal fire pit with a brick paver fire pit.

Final Thoughts

The summer season offers the perfect weather to fix those outdoor elements in your home that you have ignored for too long. The above three hardscaping projects will not only elevate your curb appeal but also increase its value in the market.

Make sure you involve a professional expert to have any of the above projects done perfectly. Here in Washington, MI, we’re your best bet if you’re looking for experienced landscaping designers. Give us a call today and speak to one of our experts. We’ll visit your home, assess your project, and then give you a free estimate.

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