For decades, concrete was the go-to option for many homeowners who wanted to create attractive walkways and driveways. However, brick pavers seem to be taking the mantle as more and more homeowners prefer to use them for driveways and walkways over concrete.

If you’re considering renovating your walkways, here are the benefits to expect should you choose brick pavers over concrete.

· Simple Installation

One major benefit of using brick pavers over concrete is that they do not require any time to set as opposed to concrete. Once installed, you can start using your driveways or walkways as soon as you want. On the other hand, if you opt to use concrete, you have to wait for days for it to set before the driveway is open for usage.

· Low Maintenance Cost

Concrete driveways are prone to stains. Any spillage can quickly turn into a semi-permanent mark. On the other hand, brick pavers are a low-maintenance material. If spillage occurs on a brick paver, it rarely causes a stubborn stain. A mixture of water and solution can clear the spillage with ease. If it has already stained the area, you can use a pressure washer on the surface, and the mark will quickly be washed away. Cleaning stains on concrete takes a lot of time as you cannot use a pressure washer on it.

We must mention that although a pressure washer can effectively clean stains on brick pavers, it would be best to leave it in the hands of professionals.

· Brick Pavers Are Sturdier Than Concrete

We’ve already mentioned that concrete cannot stand high pressure due to its brittle state. Again, it can easily break when subjected to excessive force. That’s why you see cracks on many concrete driveways.

On the other hand, brick pavers interlocks on the surface they are placed on and thus tend to transfer the excess pressure on the underneath surface. That means they can handle a great deal of force and pressure. They are thus the best option for homeowners who want to enjoy their driveways for a long time without paying a lot of attention to the surface.

· It’s Easy to Repair Them

Damages on concrete driveways require a lot of money to repair as the whole structure needs to be replaced. With brick pavers, you don’t have to replace the whole surface. If one of the brick pavers gets damaged, it’s easily replaced. In fact, you can do this as a DIY job.

· Brick Pavers Are Environmentally-Friendly

If you’re still on the fence regarding which material to use on your driveways, at least this last point should convince you to pick brick pavers instead of concrete. Brick pavers are a more eco-friendlier option than concrete as they are made using natural processes. For concrete, a lot of mining and processing occurs, which damages the environment. Therefore, if you’d like to be part of the group that’s saving the environment and leaving our planet in a better place for our future generation, you shouldn’t even think twice about choosing brick pavers over concrete. Make the best choice for our planet.

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