Why stay inside on a beautiful summer day when you can extend the square footage of your livable space by creating a Washington Township outdoor living space? It isn’t too difficult to “build” living spaces in your backyard, especially with the help from a residential landscape design company in Macomb County.

Washington Township Outdoor Living Space Designs to Consider
You really can create separate living rooms in your backyard that are as unique to each other as the rooms inside your home. Having separate outdoor living spaces allows you to create mini landscape designs that are separate from each other, just like the kitchen compared to a bedroom or living room. Creating separate areas in your backyard is especially useful if you have certain parts you might not want to view from every location in your landscaping. For example, you may want to add a storage bin for towels near the pool, but you don’t necessarily want to see that when you’re relaxing in your outdoor seating area, or a meditation area. In this case, your best solution may be to screen off the pool area using a tall hedge or fence to create a separate “room.”

The Building Blocks for a Washington Township Outdoor Living Space
You can begin to envision your outdoor living spaces the same way you imagine them inside your home: by thinking in terms of a floor, walls, and a ceiling. The building blocks of your outdoor rooms will be the materials you’ll need to construct them, and which a residential landscape designer can help you determine.

For the floors, the common materials needed will include grass or an alternative such as clover, mulch, patios, and decks. For the walls, you might want to consider formal hedges, lattice screens, fences, and informal hedges. And for the ceilings, you’ll need arbors and pergolas, shade tree canopies, canvas canopies, awnings, and lawn umbrellas.

The design is between you and the residential landscape design team so you can decide on the materials that you like the most. And for personal preference or budgetary restrictions, you can mix and match more than one material type. For example, you can use hedges to form two of the walls, and fencing for the other two. A ceiling is an optional component, but it adds a nice sense of enclosure to outdoor living spaces. And you could always swap out the walls for a ceiling, hanging a chandelier above you if you don’t want to feel closed in.

Functionality of the Washington Township Outdoor Living Space
When you begin to think about how you will use your backyard and what activities you would like to encourage, you will find it much easier to decide upon the building blocks used to create your living spaces. During the design phase with your residential landscape designer in Macomb County, you will want to keep both functionality and aesthetics in mind to create a space that you love to look at and spend time in.

Creating a Washington Township Outdoor Living Space

If you love the idea of breaking the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors and being able to comfortably enjoy your landscaping this warm season, talk to a residential landscape designer at Sinacori Landscape today.  Once you have decided upon the aesthetics you love and how you want to use your backyard, they can get started on the designing your Washington Outdoor Living Space.