Making a great first impression is essential in a commercial environment. While there are several ways to achieve this, your business will want to focus on improving what people see first when they enter the property. Commercial landscaping is probably one of your best investments. It can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, as well as its value.

If you want your property to stand out and convey the right message, it is a smart idea to consider partnering with an experienced landscaping designer. A professional worth their salt can keep your business updated on landscaping trend changes, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

With that being, let’s check out the essentials of a rewarding commercial landscape.

Serve a functional purpose

Your commercial landscaping should at least incorporate features geared toward enhancing the property’s functionality. For example, if you want to encourage customers to stay longer while enjoying the outdoor spaces, you can add chairs, benches, tables, and low walls for seating.

Your landscape can also be designed to direct the flow of traffic. It can involve creating pathways or walkways, which are lined up with trees or shrubs. Brick or stone wall features will also do the trick.

Compliment your business values and standards

The general theme of a commercial landscape should reflect the values and standards of its affiliated business. An experienced landscaping designer will listen to your ideas and business needs, and then offer you a creative and inviting landscape that also sends out a clear message.

Making a bold statement through landscaping has the power to encourage meaningful connections with clients or team members alike.

Regular maintenance

You will need to pay close attention to routine maintenance to continue making a lasting impact through your exterior. Depending on the nature of your landscape, the upkeep can include mowing lawns, shrub and tree trimming, fertilization, and water management. These activities will help keep the property aesthetically pleasing year-round.

It is also a good idea to choose designs that make work a lot easier for your maintenance crew. For example, businesses located in areas susceptible to heavy snow should have an outdoor section designated for pilling snow.

Well, such an area shouldn’t be near the driveways and sidewalks to avoid accidental slips and falls, which might be caused by snow when it melts.

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Finding the right candidate for your landscaping project does not have to be hard. You can ask for recommendations from other property owners. Or, search for local commercial landscapers on the internet. However, make sure you read the customer reviews to get a clue of the landscaper’s skills and professionalism.

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