A well-maintained and lush green lawn is the apple of your property and the envy of neighbors around you.  Do you want a properly maintained and growing lawn of your own?  If you have the required land but have not put in the time or effort? Not to worry!  The best thing about natural land is that with the right effort and steps, it can easily be brought back to vitality and good health again. Here are some fundamental steps to ensuring your lawn is lush, green, and healthy.

1.     Natural Fertilizers

Forget the synthetic stuff. Sometimes, the wisdom of centuries-old conventions proves superior to any modern solution. Natural fertilizers are proven to be more effective and rich in nutrients than synthetic fertilizers. They are also more beneficial for the environment and don’t have any adverse side effects. Working with a professional landscaper can ensure you are using the best fertilizer for your lawn. 

2.     Composting

Complementing natural fertilizers, using compost is a very effective, convenient, and resourceful method to bring out the best in your lawn. You can you use all the organic waste in your household like fruit peels, leftover edibles or even rotting fruit and meat. There is nothing which can’t be converted into compost.

Composting not only provides rich and complex nutrients and vitamins to your soil, but it is a win-win situation since it saves you on costs of trash collection too. You will feel less guilty about throwing away leftover food or wasted fruit since it will all be reentering the circle of life. Composting is particularly attractive for those of you who might be planning on setting up fruit trees or orchards as this method will provide flavor like no other in your produce.

3.     Proper Airflow

The soil is host to a complex variety of bacteria, microbial, and organisms which play vital parts in maintaining its health and provide food and nutrients for the grass and fauna. Proper interaction with the air is also required for their sustenance so the requisite elements in the air like nitrogen, oxygen, etc. can properly mix. Soil without proper airflow will soon become dead and bricked like hard clay. Therefore, you should take a sharp object and poke the grass at a depth of 4-5 inches in a random manner. It is simple enough to do but absolutely necessary.

4.     The Right Watering Schedule

Many people have the mistaken assumption that the maximum amount of water in short intervals is best for your lawn and grass. Unfortunately, that is not the case and if you persist in this you will end up with a mushy, wet, swamp of your own.  This is because excessive water creates water logging and overflows the capacity of the soil and grass to absorb it. This, in turn, will not only kill organisms like earthworms, which are vital for soil health but will also prevent proper airflow.

 The correct procedure is to deeply water the lawn after long intervals. This allows the water to penetrate deeper into the roots and beyond without overburdening the capacity of your lawn to absorb it.


These are the best steps for growing a beautiful lawn. It will require commitment and effort there are excellent lawn treatment services that are experts at their craft and will help you maintain your lawn.

So go to your nearest lawn service in Macomb County, Michigan today. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret it when you feel the crisp wet grass and fresh cool soil beneath your bare feet for the first time!   If you are looking for a professional landscaper for your outdoor projects this summer, give Sinacori Landscaping a call today!  We can be reached at 248-651-5400 and are located in Shelby Twp, MI!  We look forward to working with you soon!