For a very long time, concrete was the first choice of homeowners for driveways and walkways. However, over the last few years, brick pavers have taken this crown away from concrete. More and more homeowners are shunning concrete for brick pavers, and they have their reasons too. In this article, we discuss these very reasons. We aim to make more and more homeowners aware of why brick pavers are a better choice than concrete.

The Installation Process Is Pretty Simple

The best thing about brick pavers is that their installation is quite simple. When homeowners decide to use concrete for driveways, they have to wait for days for the concrete to set. The installation of brick paver driveways, on the other hand, does not take any time. More importantly, one can start using these days almost as soon as they are installed.

Brick Pavers Are Low Maintenance

The problem with concrete is that any kind of spillage quickly turns into a mark that stays forever on it. Brick pavers, on the other hand, are quite low-maintenance. If you ever have a spillage on brick pavers, even a heavy one, simply make a soap and water solution and wash the whole area. The mark will quickly disappear. If it doesn’t, rent our pressure washer and wash the area. You will be surprised to see how quickly the mark disappears. One simply cannot use a pressure washer on concrete as it is too brittle to take that much pressure.

Suggestion: If you haven’t used a pressure washer in the past, be very careful while using it the first time. If you are not sure or feel underconfident, hire a professional to do the job.

Brick Pavers Are a Sturdier Choice

As mentioned previously, concrete is brittle and therefore, cannot stand high pressure. It also easily breaks under force. This is why concrete driveways are prone to cracks. Brick pavers, on the other hand, form an interlocking pattern with the surface on which they are placed. Moreover, brick pavers are sturdy and can handle a great amount of pressure and force. It is thus that homeowners with brick paver driveways are able to enjoy these driveways for long even when they pay minimum attention to them.

Repairing Brick Pavers Is Very Easy

When concrete driveways get damaged, homeowners find themselves shelling out a lot of money because when concrete gets damaged, the whole structure has to be replaced. With brick pavers, the story is entirely different. In the case of brick pavers, the damage is usually restricted to one or two pavers. Thus, repairing brick pavers means replacing only one or two pavers and not the entire structure. In fact, repairing brick pavers is so easy, homeowners can make a DIY job of them.

Brick Pavers Are Better for the Environment

If you are still not convinced, here’s one more reason to go for brick pavers instead of concrete: brick pavers are more eco-friendly than concrete. Brick pavers are made using natural processes, which is not the case with concrete. Thus, if you want to save the environment and leave the planet in better shape for your kids, choose brick pavers over concrete.

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