Fall has come, and if its advent makes you anxious, don’t think too much and read on. In this article, we give you the top 10 tips to follow to make your landscaping look delightful, and to make your outdoor space well-kept for the upcoming season.

1. Keep Perennials Intact

Birds in the outdoors seek protection in covered places and places that look secure. So, perennials are a great refuge for birds as they can use the foliage of the perennials for their food and shelter. Besides this, the seed pods from the perennials (which fall with the dropping temperatures) produce new flowers during the next year, thereby making your landscape ready for the next season.

2. Embed Mulch around Perennial

An additional layer of mulch can help maintain good temperatures underneath the soil. It can also provide some extra space for the growth of the root. Therefore, you must consider adding one additional layer of mulch.

3. Carry Out a Fall Cleanup

You must clear away all the decaying leaves and unwanted debris to protect your lawn from diseases and insect invasion. Make sure that rotting plant matter is not sitting on top or around plants as it welcomes the growth of bacteria and invites a host of diseases.

4.Sow Spring Bulbs

Few spring bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and crocus, must be planted in October. This gives the roots adequate time to develop a stronghold.

5. Fertilize Landscaping

After you are done with the initial steps of clearing the dead debris and planting new bulbs, it’s time to fertilize your landscaping area. Fertilizers act as nutrient boosters that help the plants withstand the cold weather.

6. ChooseTropical Plants

These are some warm-weather-loving plants that look healthy and colorful indoors at this time of the year. Luckily, these plants only need water and sunshine to thrive.

7. Remove Water from Pipes

Before the onset of winters in Clinton Twp., MI, make sure that your pipes connecting your water system and water fountains are steered clear of any water. This helps avoid bursting of the pipes if water freezes inside.

8. Protect Fountains with a Cover

It is a must that you buy a fountain cover during the winters. A fountain cover of an appropriate size prevents the snow from falling inside the basin of the fountain. With this, the clogging of pipes and hence, the eventual damage can be avoided.

9. Clean Fountains First

Before covering your fountains, make sure they are clean first: make sure there is no debris inside the pipe. Any dirt left behind can easily dry up during winters and choke pipes.

10. Check leaves inside fountain water

Also, make sure that the water in your fountain does not contain any leaves or debris as it can help germinate unwanted bacteria on decomposition. This decomposition does not only leave a foul smell but also prevents clogging of the pipes by algae.

We hope these landscaping tips will make your outdoor space ready for the fall and winter. Follow these tips and you’ll end up having a lovely-looking garden for the upcoming year.

If you find it difficult to follow any of these tips, hire a Clinton Twp., MI landscaping company. We assure you they will deliver a superior quality landscape and provide top-notch customer service.

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