These days, just about anything can be used as a form of expression. One example of which is landscaping. You can see homeowners with unique designs on their property that tell you a lot about who they are. From the foliage to the colors to the layout of the shrubs, landscaping can tell a totally different story and theme depending on how it’s designed and placed. This level of creativity allows homeowners to personalize their properties and turn their outdoor space into one they truly love to look at and spend time in.

Get to know what is involved in landscape design and how it can help you fall in love with your property, make the most out of it, and even boost the perceived value of your home. 

Landscape Design

What is landscape design? A landscape consists of living things which includes plants, shrubs and flowers that can thrive in your climate and region. The key to a beautiful landscape is to study your garden space and find out which plants or flowers will grow in the amount of sunlight you receive and the amount of maintenance you are willing to provide. Landscape design utilizes the knowledge of various plant species according to various climates and environments, to create layouts and combinations that bring the best out of a property and fit the homeowner’s vision. Would you love a landscape over haul for your property but are afraid it’s way over your budget? Landscape design takes into account your available funds to create a design that’s affordable and stunning.

Landscaping Elements

When we speak of landscape elements, we are talking about the different features like line, form, color, texture and visual impact. Landscape design takes all these elements into account before any plantings take place. Professional landscapers need to know where to put foliage and how the size of your space, the ground level, the soil and site condition will affect the design.

There will be temporary and permanent features of a certain design. The combination of these will create a grand design, one that you love. So make sure to pick your features well as it may be difficult to alter in the long run. Visualize the place you want and organize all these elements accordingly.

Landscaping Principles

These landscaping principles are guidelines that are utilized to organize and arrange different features to create a lovely landscape. These create the fundamental concepts of landscape composition.

To come up with an effective design, you can note the proportion, order, repetition and unity of these elements. Take into consideration the time needed by plants to grow, the sizes and colors, and how they will coordinate with each other.

The Key to Your Dream Landscape

Beautiful and effective landscaping is best achieved with professionals. This is the reason why people hire professional landscapers to handle the installation, design and even the maintenance.

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