The construction industry has long been grappling with a decline in terms of both craftsmanship and quality. While a bad job in any domain or industry is concerning, the stakes are significantly higher when it comes to the brick paver installation.

Brick pavers have been popular among Utica, MI homeowners for several reasons. To begin with, brick pavers are can be manipulated to give any shape and in any size. More importantly, they are durable and last for several years. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property where they have been installed.

However, a bad brick paver job ruins the aesthetics of a house and also causes hassle for a homeowner in the future. If you are planning for brick paver installation, follow the three tell-tale signs that signal that the job has not been done properly.

If You Observe That Brick Pavers Are Accumulating Water, Something Is Wrong

If laid properly, brick pavers will be tilted slightly. The tilt is minor and most individuals are incapable of judging the slope with naked eyes. This brings us to: Why are brick pavers slightly tilted? The answer is that the slope helps water runoff instead of getting accumulated in a single area. In case of an erroneous brick paver task, homeowners can easily observe water continuously puddling. This can also be observed if the soil surface beneath the surface of the brick pavers is loose. These soil sections will become compressed when watering or when it rains, leading brick paver surfaces to turn uneven and also accumulate water.

Ensure that Edge Restraints Don’t Go Missing

Brick pavers require edge restraints for continuous pressure. More importantly, edge restraints keep individuals from losing balance and falling. The absence of edge restraints is the first sign of a poorly done job. Some brick paver professionals avoid using edge restraints to save up on expenses. Even if they decide to avoid using edge restraints, the contractor must inform the homeowner in advance. If the contractor does not mention anything and the edge restraints are missing, know that the brick paver contractor is incompetent or has an intention of saving money for them.

Absence of Polymeric Sand Indicates a Poor Job

Many Utica, MI homeowners opine that although they admire brick pavers, the weeds keep popping up between their pavers, causing trouble. When they tell you this, do not assume that it is normal for all brick pavers to experience weed growth. Weeds grow only when brick pavers have not been laid carefully. Every experienced brick paver professional is aware of tricks that help prevent and inhibit weed growth, including the need to infuse brick pavers using polymeric sand.

Concluding Thoughts

While there are several options available, most homeowners prefer installing brick pavers as they are durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. If you are a Utica, MI homeowner who has decided to go ahead with brick paver installation for your property, ensure you hire an expert who knows how to execute the task with zero errors. To know more about brick paver installation or our services, please get in touch with us.

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