Commercial property and business owners pay great attention to their landscape and often very easily forget their hardscape features, not knowing that hardscape features draw the same attention as landscape features. We have, thus, decided to focus this article on sharing with our readers, information on how to clean hardscape features.

Simple Tips on How to Keep Your Hardscape Clean

Regularly Clean All Surfaces

Most business owners hire professional cleaners to take care of their hardscape features. However, the best way to maintain your hardscape is to give it some of your time once every few days. Do not wait for professional cleaners, instead work on keeping your hardscape features clean on your own. The dust and debris that collects on your hardscape features eventually decomposes on the surface and leaves permanent stains and marks. Similarly, water also causes staining. Regularly removing water and debris will help you keep your hardscape features clean and also allow you to create the right first impression of your business.

Repair Cracks

It does not matter which construction material you have used, all landscaping features develop cracks over time. The cracks are dangerous as they indicate a problem with the structure. Even small cracks can eventually transform into big ones and become expensive to repair. If you are seeing some cracks in your hardscape feature, get them immediately repaired. More importantly, talk to a landscape professional and ask them to seal your hardscape structures. Sealing will keep water and dirt away from hardscape features, thereby reducing their chances of developing cracks in the future.

Get Rid of Weeds and Other Growth

Weeds, small plants and roots enter into small cracks and transform them into big ones. If you have a driveway or a patio, you must have noticed weeds and plants coming out of small crevices and cracks. If you want your hardscape features to live a long life, you must find the time to pull out weeds and other growths. If you do not have the time to pull things out, use a weed-kill spray to get rid of them. In the case, the spray doesn’t work and you do not have any time at hand to spare, hire a professional to get rid of weeds and other growths. If the weeds keep coming back, fill the cracks and crevices where they appear with sand and mortar — this will permanently solve the problem.

Also Get Rid of Moss, Mildew and Algae

During spring and summer, moss, mildew and algae form depositions on the surface of various hardscape features. The easiest way to get rid of these is to scrub them out. In the case, scrubbing does not work, you can hire a pressure wash equipment to get rid of the problem. However, do some research on pressure washing for when done wrong, pressure washing can cause more harm than good. If nothing works, call professionals and ask them to take care of the problem.

Key Takeaway

Following the simple steps elaborated above will help you increase the life as well as the aesthetic appeal of your landscape features. However, in any case, always hire professionals at least twice every year to clean and fix your hardscape features.

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