Shelby, MI, homeowners understand the importance of landscape lighting. Features, such as plants, trees, and shrubs, add to the beauty of a home during the day time but are unable to do anything at night in the absence of landscape lighting. Further, Shelby, MI, homeowners invest money on landscape lighting as they understand that it adds to their home’s resale value.

In simple words, anyone who plans to put their house on the market or wants their home to stand out in the neighborhood must necessarily spend some money on landscape lighting. In this article, we give you some landscape lighting ideas that will certainly accentuate the beauty of your home.

Use Spotlights to Draw Attention to the Most Beautiful Sections of Your Landscape

If your home’s landscape has pieces that act as focal points, use spotlights to draw attention to these special features. For instance, if you have installed a statue or a beautiful architectural piece, a spotlight will instantly bring visitors’ attention to this point. Similarly, even an old tree can become your garden’s focal point with the help of spotlights. The idea is to use spotlights in such a way that they draw attention to the most beautiful parts of your landscape.

Light Your Walkways to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Here’s another simple way to boost your Shelby, MI, home’s curb appeal — use lights along walkways and stairs. These lights will make visitors feel welcome in your house. However, be careful while choosing the lights for your stairs and walkways — pick up lights that will compliment your home’s exterior. Globe lights are quite popular in Shelby, MI. You can also install small lights around hedges or hide these lights inside trees and shrubs to create a glowy effect.

If Your House Receives Good Sunlight, Opt for Solar Lamps

Shelby, MI, receives ample sunlight throughout the year and therefore, it is not very surprising that solar lamps are quite popular in the township. These days, there are many different types of decorative solar lights available in the market. Homeowners can choose from blown glass, string lights and solar lantern varieties to beautify their house.

Rock Lights Are a Rage in

Shelby, MI

Landscaping companies often use natural stones to add charm to landscapes. However, over the last few years, the use of rock lights has also gained traction in Shelby, MI. Rock lights and natural stones look especially beautiful around sidewalks, patios, trees and flowerbeds. So, if you are thinking of lighting ideas for your landscape, go out and invest your money in some durable rock lights.

Key Takeaway

It is normal for homeowners to want their home to stand out. After all, to be able to afford a home is a dream that all of us have. Thus, when homeowners finally get to fulfill their dream, they want their dream house to be nothing but perfect. Landscaping lighting plays a crucial role in accentuating the beauty of any place. Thus, make sure to use the ideas discussed above to make your Shelby, MI, home even more beautiful. However, remember to use soft and warm lights and install dawn to dusk sensors to keep your electricity bill in control.

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