It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare! You thought you hired a competent and experienced contractor for your brick paving project, but the outcome isn’t what you had hoped for. Right after its completion, it looked beautiful and perfect. However, after a couple of days or even weeks, you get that sinking feeling when you look at the brick pavers. The surface looks terrible and even poses a safety hazard.

Brick pavers have gained lots of popularity among Utica, MI property owners, thanks to the numerous potential benefits they offer. Brick pavers are highly versatile construction materials that can easily be customized to give any shape and any size. What’s more, they are sturdy and extremely durable. And most importantly, they boost the aesthetic appeal of the property where they have been installed.

On the other hand, a shoddy brick paver job significantly impacts the aesthetics of a home and also leads to costly future repairs. If you are currently looking to professionally have brick pavers installed in your home, below are tell-tale signs that signify the job has been shoddily done.

If you notice the brick pavers are absorbing and collecting water:

If installed appropriately, brick pavers will slightly tilt. And this tilting is usually hard to notice because it can be quite negligible. But why are brick pavers often tilted? It is worth noting that the tilting design helps with water runoff, preventing the water from accumulating in one single area. And this simply implies that when the brick paver installation is done badly, you will inevitably see water consistently puddling.

It is worth noting that this can also be witnessed if the soil surface below the brick paver surface is relatively loose. These soil sections will inevitably undergo compression either when it rains or when watering, resulting in the brick paver surfaces becoming uneven and also collecting water.

Make sure that edge restraints are present:

Usually, brick pavers need edge restraints for constant pressure. What’s more, edge restraints prevent users from losing their balance and slipping or falling. And when you can’t see these important structures, it is a clear indication that the paver installation project wasn’t done right. It is important to note that some rogue paver installers decide against using edge restraints to save on costs. But when this happens, your contractor needs to inform you well in advance. So, if your contractor fails to inform you about the missing edge restraints, just know that he/she has done a shoddy job!

When the polymeric sand is missing:

A significant number of Utica, MI residents openly admit that while they admire brick pavers, they tend to be prone to weed growth, which can spell danger. However, it is imperative to note that this doesn’t entirely imply that all Utica, MI brick pavers should experience weed growth. Weeds will only grow and thrive if brick pavers were laid poorly. Reputable and experienced brick paver installers will always infuse brick paver using polymeric sand to curb the unwanted growth of weeds.

The Bottom line:

There is no doubt that brick pavers have become a popular choice among Utica, MI homeowners. They are not only highly durable but aesthetically appealing and versatile as well. However, for you to enjoy any of the aforementioned brick paver benefits, you must ensure they are installed properly by a professional!

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