Good landscape design is an integral part of any Sterling Heights commercial property, whether you are building new, or looking to upgrade your landscape. A well designed landscape will help set the mood for your property. Do you want a sharp and edgy feel, or would you rather convey a feeling of calm and peacefulness? You don’t have to wait for your customers to enter your building to get them in the mood; start with a well-designed landscape, and grab their attention before they walk through the door. Here are some essential components of good commercial landscape design.

Send a Message

Your landscape is the first part of your business that your customers see. If you want them to get a particular feeling about your business, or your way of working, a good place to start is with your landscape. If your business prides itself on an upbeat and edgy way of doing things, a minimalist landscape with sharp edges and simple planting is the way to go. However, if you want your customers to get the feeling of peace and a more comforting and quiet vibe, use decorative grasses and a water feature to create a calming environment.

Peak Your Customer’s Interest

Make your landscape a place where your customers are interested in being. Even if your business may be a less than enjoyable experience for your customers, create an inviting space for your customers to linger. Get them interested in staying around your business longer by including benches, shady spots to sit, picnic tables, and water features. All of these things encourage customers to stay a little longer, perhaps to enjoy the sound of a gentle waterfall or babbling brook. Or maybe they have a quiet spot to sit and take a phone call. Whatever the intention, your customers are more likely to spend time at your business if your landscape is inviting.

Direct the Flow of Traffic

There is nothing more frustrating for customers than to go to a building that has lots of sidewalks, lots of entrances, and no clear indication of which one is the “main entrance”. Use your landscaping to direct the flow of traffic to the front door of your business. This may mean using creative and bold plantings at the entrance or creating a unique and interesting pathway, using decorative concrete to lead the way. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is clear to your customers exactly where they should be going.

Accent the Architecture

You have likely spent a lot of money to either build or acquire a building that suits the needs of your business, and to convey a message to your customers about the tone of your business. Or, maybe you found an amazing old building with great architectural elements that you want to play up. Use your landscaping to draw attention to the details of your building. Not only will this give your building greater sidewalk appeal, but it will show your customers that you care about your space and want them to visit your business.

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