The construction industry has been grappling with a serious decline in quality and craftsmanship. While a bad job in any area is concerning, the stakes are much higher when it comes to brick pavers.

Brick pavers have always been incredibly popular with homeowners for a variety of reasons. To start with, brick pavers are versatile and can be easily formed into shapes and sizes. More importantly, they are durable and last long years. They also accentuate the aesthetic appeal of any area to which they are added.

However, a bad brick paver job not only ruins the beauty of a home but also becomes a headache for the homeowner in the long run. If you are planning a brick paver job for your home, look out for these three signs that indicate a badly-done job.

If You See Your Brick Pavers Accumulating Water, Something Is Wrong

When laid down properly, brick pavers will always be slightly tilted. This tilt is very, very minor and in most cases, the naked eye cannot judge the slope. So, why are brick pavers kept slightly tilted? The slope allows water to run off and not accumulate in one place. In case of an improper brick paver job, you will see water puddling in places. This pudding will also be visible if the soil surface beneath the surface of the brick pavers is loose. These soil sections will become compressed while watering or during rains, leading the brick paver surface to become uneven eventually and accumulate water.

Make Sure Edge Restraints Aren’t Missing

Brick pavers need edge restraints for continuous pressure. More importantly, edge restraints are important as they keep people from losing their balance and falling off. The absence of edge restraints is one of the first signs of a poor job done. Some brick paver contractors do not keep edge restraints to save money. If that is the case, your contractor must inform you in advance. In case your contractor hasn’t mentioned anything in this regard and you see the edge restraints missing, know that your contractor is either incompetent or trying to save money for themselves.

Lack of Polymeric Sand Denotes a Bad Job

A lot of homeowners will tell you that although they love their brick pavers, the weeds that keep cropping up between the pavers gives them a headache. When they tell you this, do not assume that it is standard for all brick paver surfaces to see weed growth. Weed makes an appearance only when brick pavers haven’t been laid properly. Every skilled and experienced brick paver professional knows that the best way to prevent weed growth is to infuse the brick paver surface with polymeric sand.


While there are all kinds of options available, most homeowners prefer to go with brick pavers as they are versatile, durable, and beautiful to look at. If you too have decided to go ahead with brick pavers in your home, make sure to hire an expert contractor who is well aware of what needs to be done and won’t make any of the mistakes discussed above.

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