Growing a green, beautiful lawn is within the capabilities of most Berkley, MI homeowners, as long as they follow some simple rules. However, most lawns fail, not due to neglect, but due to a few misconceptions and bad practices. So, to help you have the lawn of your dreams and the healthiest and greenest lawn in the neighborhood, we have compiled a list of mistakes you should avoid.

Avoid Taking A Soil Test

Do you think you will be planting seeds soon? If so, what are the plants you will be planting? Whatever may be your answer to these questions, it is important to understand that if you do not test the soil beforehand, the chances of you getting your desired results are minimal.

Here’s what you must do before you start planting: test the pH level of the soil. The result should ideally be between 6 and 6.5. Also, test to check if there are soil deficiencies. Adequately applied fertilizer makes a lawn grow full, allowing grass to overpower weeds. However, remember that excessive use of fertilizers can prevent roots from growing well and in extreme cases, may also cause the lawn to burn.

For a soil test, send a soil sample to the extension service in your locality for testing. They will inform you what your soil needs and what needs to be done to make your lawn healthier.

Buy the Right Kind of Seed

You may not realize it, but most grass seeds contain weeds. If you refuse to believe this, you can check for yourself. The next time you visit the seed store, carefully read all labels. You will notice a certain percentage of “weed seeds” and “other crops” listed on the label. To get the right type of seed, look up premium varieties that have 0% other crop and weed seed.

That apart, choosing the ideal kind of turf grass is one of the most crucial factors. If you plant a variety of seeds, your lawn will be well-established sooner than you think. This is because the pros and cons of each seed type offset one another. More importantly, in comparison to single-seed lawns, turfs that support more than a single type of seed are able to better survive extreme weather conditions, like drought and heat.

You can opt for 50% fescue and 50% bluegrass. The fescue makes the lawn durable, allowing it to withstand heat and drought. On the other hand, bluegrass makes the lawn greener and softer. thereby making the experience of walking over the grass more pleasurable.

Water Your Lawn at the Right Time

If you have been watering your lawn late in the afternoon or early evening after getting home from work, you are doing it wrong. The ideal watering time is between 6-10 in the morning as this time slot gives your lawn ample time to dry. Any other time will most likely cause your lawn to develop mildew and fungus. It may not also ever be as lush as it must be.

These tips will certainly help you get a beautiful lawn. However, to bring your dreams to life and create the landscape of your choice, it is best to work with local landscaping professionals. To hire the best professional near you, connect with us.

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