Every homeowner’s dream is to transform their yard into a beautiful oasis. And of the most practical and effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is to pay attention to its landscaping and hardscaping features. After all, having the perfect combination of lush foliage and gorgeous pathways can make your home look and feel like a true haven!

While you can practically improve your Waterford, MI home’s yard at any time of the year, nearly every commercial landscaper out there will tell you that fall is the best time to incorporate both landscaping and hardscaping features into your yard. So, today in this post, we want to provide you with four proven ways to combine hardscaping and landscaping during the fall season.

  • Combine flower beds with multi-layered structures: A beautifully designed flowerbed will always draw the attention of your visitors as well as neighbors. Designing your flowerbed inside a multi-layered brick structure is a fantastic way to make it look eye-catching and functional. What’s more, this type of setup ensures your flowers have the adequate moisture necessary for their survival. Of course, it also ensures the moisture is exclusively reserved for your flowers as the structure keeps it away from both tree and grass roots. The biggest advantage of doing this in fall is that the brick structure will tremendously strengthen, ensuring the flowerbed remains in tip-top condition for an extended period.
  • Vine overspreads on archway: A vine-filled archway is a great way to combine your home’s hardscape and softscape. It not only significantly boosts your Waterford, MI home’s value, but equally looks magical. A thoughtfully crafted archway looks like an architectural marvel, giving your home a breathtaking, posh, and polished appearance. You can enhance the overall appearance of your archway by giving it a decorative finish of creeping grapevine or ivy. This will also create a magnificent entry point to your backyard. The good thing is that you can also decide to extend the archway into a wall. Creating a wall on the arch’s one side and your garden’s edge is an incredible way to provide your family and friends some much-needed privacy.
  • Install a stone-base fireplace on your lawn: If you already have a fireplace in your home, then you know firsthand just how useful one can be during the wintertime. Nothing is comparable to curling up to it when it’s chilly outside. So, having one on your lawn can be a great way to navigate through those ice-cold winter nights. All experts agree that a fire pit needs to feature a stone base when constructed on the lawn because a robust and sturdy base ensures the embers don’t scatter around your yard. Also, a fire pit can be a fantastic recreation spot for your family and friends.
  • Shrubbery running across the paver pathway: If you don’t have walkways or pavers in your home, your visitors will have no choice but to majestically step on your lush lawn. To prevent this, you should place pavers and line them with gorgeous shrubs of your preferred shapes as well as sizes. This will enhance your garden’s overall functionality while making it beautiful as well. However, it is imperative to note that if you decide to do this during winter, you will need to regularly level the ground. On the other hand, if done in fall, pavers will enhance the ground’s stability thereby guaranteeing the safety of the walkers!


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