Fall is fast approaching! For many, the relatively cool temperatures mean they can finally stop taking great care of their yard. However, it’s worth noting that autumn presents a great opportunity to set your landscape up for a greener year come spring. By taking proper care of your lawn in the fall, you will inevitably reap beautiful rewards later! Today in this article, we want to equip you with 10 top tips on how to take care of your landscape and larger outdoor space during the fall season.

  • Keep perennials intact: Wild birds usually love to seek refuge in covered areas and places that look secure. Perennials offer ample and secure space for birds because the foliage serves as a great source of both food and shelter. What’s more, the seed pods from perennials produce new flowers the following years, making your yard ready for the upcoming season.
  • Conduct a fall cleanup: You also need to ensure that all the decomposing leaves, dead plant matter as well as unwanted debris are removed from your landscape to protect your lawn against both diseases and insects. Experts strongly recommend that you remove any dead or decaying plant matter from your healthy plants to prevent the growth of bacteria and outbreak of unwanted diseases.
  • Embed mulch around perennial: It has been shown that an extra layer of mulch can help maintain healthy temperatures beneath the soil. What’s more, it may offer some extra space necessary for the growth of roots. As a result, you should add an extra layer of mulch.
  • Plant spring bulbs: some spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips as well as crocus should only be planted in October. This allows the roots enough time to develop a stronghold.
  • Go for tropical plants: In case you didn’t know, tropical plants are warm-weather plants and will always remain healthy and beautiful indoors in the fall. They only require a sufficient amount of sunlight and moisture to remain in great shape.
  • Add some fertilizer to your landscaping: After successfully eliminating dead debris and decaying plant matter and having also planted new bulbs, it’s now to fertilize your landscapes. Fertilizers are an essential part of lawn care because they offer the much-needed nutrients to help your plants thrive and withstand the chilly weather.
  • Drain water from pipes: Before the onset of the winter season in Chesterfield, MI, you should ensure that all the pipes that connect your water system and water fountains don’t contain any form of moisture to help prevent any potential bursting of pipes due to freezing water.
  • Make sure the fountains are super clean: Before you even think of covering your water fountains, you first need to ensure they don’t have even the slightest of debris. This is because any form of dirt left behind will ultimately dry up in the winter, potentially choking your pipes.
  • Cover your fountains: You have no option but to purchase fountain covers in winter. These covers will prevent snow from finding its way into the basin of the fountain. This will help prevent the clogging of the pipes and the potential damage to those pipes.
  • Remove any leaves from your fountains: It is also highly recommended that you remove all sorts of leaves from your water fountain because these leaves might aid the germination of harmful bacteria.

We have provided you with practical and effective tips on how to take care of your landscape during the fall season. Of course, should you find it tough to implement any or all of these tips, don’t hesitate to hire a qualified Chesterfield, MI, landscaping expert!

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