Bloomfield Hills landscapingIn Michigan, the summer weather averages around the mid 80s in June and July. This means you need to look out for your Bloomfield Hills landscaping to make sure it isn’t damaged by the heat of the sun. Luckily, we’re near the Great Lakes, so our summers are rarely dry. However, we should all make sure our yards and gardens stay hydrated if we want them to look good throughout the year.

Here are some things you can do to keep your Bloomfield Hills landscaping healthy when the heat kicks in.

1. Keep That Garden Watered
This tip is obvious, but you should know how much water is needed to keep your garden sustained. Watering too little or watering too much can damage your garden in different ways. Less watering increases the chances of drying out when you least expect it. Watering too much can kill your plants or vegetables just as quickly. Pay attention to the way your garden is responding to the weather and create your own watering schedule. This will help get your garden the right amount of water each day.

The most obvious signs your plants need more water are shriveling up, fading in color, and wilting. The signs your plants have too much water is soil being extremely wet, but still wilting and looking sickly. It’s different for each property, but if you have approximately 6 to 8 inches of soil, you should be watering your plants for about 10 to 15 minutes. If you have a sprinkler system, set a schedule for the plants to be watered with the right amount. It’s also recommended that you water early in the morning.

2. Water and Refresh Your Lawn
Keeping your lawn hydrated doesn’t have to be as adamant as watering your garden, but it should still be taken seriously. Although lawns can last without water for about three days, how long the lawn is watered is important on that third day. Whether your lawn is large or small, you should water your fresh grass for 15-20 minutes every three days. Any less than that will most likely bring harm to your Bloomfield Hills landscaping in the summer.

For example, if you decide to water for less than 15 minutes, the roots that keep your grass in the ground will stay near the surface. Healthy plants need to have deep roots so they can easily reach for moisture. If you notice your yard turning brown or yellow, it’s may be because their roots aren’t deep enough. Your lawn is similar to your garden: Under-watering it will deprive your grass of its health, and over-watering it will make it soggy and wilted. Balance is the key.

With these watering tips, you can be a proud homeowner with a beautiful yard. If you have a busy schedule and need your Michigan yard to be taken care of, consider contacting Sinacori Landscaping. Their Bloomfield Hills landscaping services and additional tips will keep your yard looking lively throughout the summer.