Landscaping projects may seem easy in thought, but they’re a blend of craftsmanship, design and engineering. Without the proper skill and experience there are many things that could get neglected. Smart landscaping is especially important when altering and maintaining your commercial spaces. Quite often, you don’t actually need a huge project to make a big impact on your outdoor space, and you only need to tweak certain areas to achieve the look you desire.

 Landscape Mistake #1 – Creating Unusable Space

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when planning their landscape project. While we all enjoy pretty flowers or the visual effects of a fountain or waterfall, if that’s all you’re thinking about adding, chances are you haven’t considered how to make the most of your outdoor space.

Commercial clients do best when they consider their users – so a social spot or community area with a deck, patio or a well placed pergola gives you an opportunity to engage with the outdoors – that makes a change from being stuck indoors doesn’t it?

 Landscape Mistake #2 – Cutting The Grass Too Short

Ever noticed some companies seem to always have maintenance teams mowing their lawns, even when there’s barely any growth?

If lawns are mowed properly with the correct blade length, it won’t need to be cut as frequently. Sometimes cutting too short is a sign of inexperience and demonstrates poor landscaping knowledge. Some low standard companies implement this to ensure recurring work, claiming it’s best for your landscape. If your lawn gets bald patches, it becomes the perfect host for insects and disease, which can be difficult and costly to fix.

 Landscape Mistake #3 – Picking The Wrong Plants for the Climate

Using a commercial landscaper’s expertise will ensure that you don’t bulk order your favorite flowers or have trees installed that won’t thrive in our Midwest climate. This will save you time, effort and expense. Needing to have areas re-dug or plants replaced because they’ve wilted, have become infected, or died is only going to cost you more in maintenance in the long run.

 Landscape Mistake #4 – Lighting Is Always an Afterthought

While you want your landscaping to look great in the daytime to welcome people to your property, you’re missing out if it then becomes invisible at night because you never know who might pass by or see your beautiful efforts from afar. Proper landscape design will make provision for lighting rather than it being an afterthought.

It’s best to have professional landscapers assist you to ensure that your landscape lighting follows best practices and is safe to use. Considering your lighting needs before or early on in the project build will prevent its installation from disrupting planting beds or other outdoor features. This should stop mistakes from being made while also factoring in the impact your lighting will have on the surrounding area any wildlife on site and give you an idea of the basic running costs to expect going forward.

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