Decorative Concrete Paths

Installing a new concrete sidewalk or path no longer means settling for boring grey squares. Concrete paths today can be designed to fit into any style of landscape. Whether you are wanting the look of stone, smooth curves, or a color other than grey, there is sure to be a concrete product that will add a special touch to your Macomb Twp property. Here are some great new features of concrete pathways that you should consider when replacing or installing a new sidewalk.

Stamped Concrete

For many, many years, the only look you could get for your concrete pathways and entry ways was the traditional grey square.  Today, concrete can be stamped to look like most types of outdoor pathway or sidewalk material. Early stamped concrete was limited to the look of brick.  Today, stamped concrete can look like smoothed stone, tile, slate, or sandstone flagstone or even wood. It can be made to blend into virtually any other existing surface. Because of the diversity of designs, stamped concrete is a great option for updating your landscape and setting the mood for your property.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete usually goes hand in hand with stamped concrete. It is a great way to make your stamped concrete look just like the product it is replacing. Colored concrete can also be used on plain concrete walkways to create a different look, or to tie the concrete into an existing outdoor feature or building. Colored concrete is incredibly versatile, and comes in a wide variety of colors, so your options are broad when you are considering colored concrete for a new or updated concrete pathway. Creative concrete contractors can create a wide variety of designs, turning your new sidewalk or pathway into a work of art.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is not the same as colored concrete. For colored concrete, the color is added before the concrete is poured into forms. Stained concrete is a process that is accomplished after concrete has already been formed and dried. If you have a pathway that you want to update, and give your property a new and different look, staining your existing concrete is a good option. It can be done relatively easy, comes in a variety of different colors, and is a quick way to do an upgrade. Because staining concrete may require harsh chemicals, it is best to have a hardscape professional complete the process.

Add Some Curves

It used to be that your only affordable option for concrete pathways was a straight line with abrupt corners. Concrete contractors didn’t have the equipment to create nice smooth curves, so it was often very expensive to install curved pathways. Today’s contractors have a variety of options for incorporating curves into your landscape. Curves can make a pathway look more natural and create a smooth and peaceful feeling. These are great for sidewalks that meander through trees to get to entrances.

Stepping Stones

Concrete blocks come in a variety of colors and textures, just like how cast concrete can be colored and stamped. If you want a more organic look to a path, especially if it is a low traffic area, and you want something more creative than poured concrete, a nice option is colored blocks. These blocks can be set close together or spaced out to make a cobble stone appearance. Use this method for a non-intrusive way to stabilize social trails.

Contact our Macomb Twp Hardscape Design Team

Concrete has come a long way from plain, slate grey squares to beautiful works of art.  If you are looking to add new pathways or sidewalks to your property, or incorporate concrete into your existing landscape, the Macomb Township Hardscape Design experts at Sinacori Landscape can help you with all of your design and planning needs.