Water features are the essential detail when creating an outdoor retreat. They help make an outdoor space more conducive for relaxation and enjoyment of your property. They also act as a beautiful focal point in your outdoor area and are just as lovely to look at as they are to listen to.

Professional landscapers offer a variety of custom constructed water features. Here, you can get a better understanding at what goes into these beautiful outdoor features.

Behind the Scenes

Professional landscapers know that the goal is to create something that makes the homeowner happy. The results may look simple, but the work that goes into an installation is anything but.

From the equipment they use, to the size of the installation and other technical aspects, it all needs to be considered. A water feature for your home has to be built right. After all, what good is a beautiful design if it’ll crumble easily?

Use Walls to Frame the Space

The options for water feature designs include stone walls around a pond which can be finished with a special liner. Slightly more artistic designs use stacked stone walls. Stone water features can make a beautiful work of art out of any courtyard or patio fountain design and comes in different shapes and sizes based on your needs.

For clients who are seeking a natural look for their water feature, a larger plan might be a good idea. This allows the design to hide the technical aspects of the installation, like pumps and other equipment. They can be placed behind walls so they don’t disturb the overall look.

Have a Place to Enjoy the View

Water features are meant to be appreciated by people. That’s why a good design takes into consideration where those people will be. Seating near or around the fountain offers a design similar to classical fountains in the European-style, while Asian garden designs might feature a sleek water feature with the base either above or below ground with a meditation area.

Complete the Look

A water feature is just one part of an outdoor space. If there’s still a lot of room left, you don’t want to leave it barren. With a few simple additions, you can transform that space to match your new pond or fountain.

Professionals can help provide you with the plants or hardscape features that you need to achieve the optimal backyard look. These ornamental additions will help fill up the space to make it look complete.

Designs to Match Any Home

From the materials to the design, to the accessories, the options are limitless. A professional landscaper has all the tools needed to give you a water feature that is unique, and matches the look of your home.

Options include slate and glass designs, copper and stainless steel options, and even marble.

Designs can be statuary or they can be tiered. You can enjoy a small water fountain or one that has a pot style base for a beautiful accent rather than a focal point.

If you want to know more about which water feature to get for your property, give Sinacori Landscaping a call. They service the residents of Macomb and Oakland County.