Everyone understands what is meant by landscaping. It’s the way outdoor property and living spaces are designed, cultivated, presented, and groomed. Landscaping converts a rustic property into a lovely, finished property.  In fact, if someone is asked what landscaping is, he or she may go into detail and describe its nuances – how to pertains to lawns, trees, and plants. But not many people would break it down into its two primary aspects – softscape and hardscape.

But the fact is that landscaping is composed of two components. Softscape design which relates to all those elements that change and grow and evolve. In short, they are alive. Hardscape, on the other hand, refers to those elements that don’t change; they are permanent, unmovable, solid. And to create truly beautiful landscaping, you need both aspects collaborating in such a way that your lawn, yard, or property is a beautiful representation of the finest elements nature has to offer.

The fundamentals of hardscaping

This article is about hardscaping – the structures that don’t move and contribute to the ambiance and aesthetic of a home or building’s exterior.  In the course of hardscape construction, professional companies in businesses like asphalt paving will pave parts of the property to elevate its fundamental aspects and create anexterior design.

The operative word when describing hardscaping is “permanent”. Hardscape constructions are not ever moved. Examples of hardscapes are patios, driveways, decks, and walkways. These hardscape constructions are enhanced and complemented by softscapes like plants and trees.

Hardscaping lives up to its name; as do the materials that compose it. All of them are hard. They are strong, tough, inflexible materials like concrete, rocks, boulders, solid stone, bricks and wood. As you look at the landscaping of homes and buildings in your area, your eye will naturally gravitate to the blending of the hardscapes – the brick driveways or stone walkways – with the landscaping – the shrubbery, bushes, and plants.

As mentioned above, hardscaping – and landscaping for that matter- relates to a home or building’s exterior. That is the focus of landscaping overall and hardscaping in particular. So, if you have an exterior structure, you will likely tie in some type of hardscaping. Patios, driveways, and decks are probably considered the most prevalent hardscaping in homes. But many also have water features that can reflect a beautiful merger of hardscaping and soft scaping.

Water features, like a small waterfall next to your garden are an especially soothing way to tie ion both types of landscaping – softscapes, and hardscapes.

Why is hardscaping necessary?

Hardscape constructions are vital to architecture. At its core is the structure it lends to any type of building. It makes the entire property surrounding the building stable in appearance and impression.  It also serves as an adhesive in its capacity to hold materials together as it enables the architecture to create space and strength that is livable.  

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