You are ready to finally create the outdoor living space and experience of your dreams. All is in place; you have your budget established, your yard and property improved and prepared and your entire family is on board. You’re going to make the move and create the ultimate outdoor living experiences that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

You have your landscaping, i.e., softscapes selected.  And it is all quite beautiful. But now it’s time to incorporate the hardscapes – the actual constructed elements where people will gather, relax, interact, walk around, as you all create and share fantastic memories throughout the spring, summer, and fall; perhaps even winter if it works out that way.

But you aren’t really sure of all the possibilities that are available to you. You have some familiarity and even some preferences regarding certain aspects like your fire pit and walkway. But, have you overlooked something? Is there a better idea or way to arrange and construct the hardscapes you are currently considering?

You know the answers to these questions are Yes! But how do you take this exploration to its fullest? Where can you find different ideas and be presented with options that have not yet occurred to you?  

Here are easily accessible sources for discovering the ultimate hardscape ideas for your outdoor living space.

Take a drive – Don’t limit your source for ideas in your own hometown. Get in your car and hit the highway. Travel to another city in yo0ur county or state that may be different than where you live. It could be different culturally or geographically. For example, if you go to a waterfront city, you will see different types of architecture and landscaping as well as hardscaping.

Take a walk – This first suggestion doesn’t mean to neglect your neighborhood. You will get all sorts of ideas for your patio and walkways by strolling through your neighborhood. When you are on foot, you have a much more focused and relaxed time to really study the nuances of your neighbors’ yards.

While your eye naturally goes to the intended focal points, you will also have the chance to study the types of patios, walkways, and decks your neighbors have created. Chances are you’ll see something that appeals to you as well.

If you’re confidents you won’t be considered intrusive, take some photos. Or as you’re strolling along a neighborhood and you see a homeowner outside his or her home, stop and chat. Ask if you can take a photo of a certain element that you find attractive. You will probably make a new friend in the process.

Search online – You will get the most out of your search if you do it in person, in real-time. Seeing an actual yard with beautiful hardscapes and creative dies will be the best way for you to discover what is most appealing to you. It also allows you to visualize how the particular hardscape element will look in your yard. But, support your personal observations with online research.  you see hardscape you’d lie for your outdoor living space do some more research online to gather facts and stats. 

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