When fall comes to Birmingham, Michigan, it is well received and welcome. Fall is beautiful in Birmingham with all the trees in all their colors. However, fall also brings its own list of things that must be done. Boats need to come out of the water and get winterized all home maintenance needs to be completed before winter drifts – or blows – onto the scene.

This is especially true when it comes to your hardscaping. In fact, hardscape maintenance and fall preparation is so vital and specialized that it needs to be a priority. Michigan winters are tough and harsh, and they last a long time. Your hardscapes need to be protected in advance so they can withstand all that winter in Birmingham will throw their way.

The good news is that hardscapes made of cultured stone and brick pavers hold up extremely well during winter; they are very durable materials. So, if your hardscapes are constructed of brick pavers and cultured stone, you won’t need to do as much fall preparation and maintenance as you would for other hardscape materials.

First and foremost, have your professional hardscape expert conduct a yard inspection to identify any issues that will require repairs. This is the key technique for preserving the longevity of all of your hardscapes. an

The following are the three things or areas your hardscape expert will inspect in the fall to potentially preempt any costly winter damage.

Accumulated debris – Fall means tumbling leaves. Thee leaves land all over your yard and hardscape. This creates piles of debris that can decompose and cause many problems. They can stain your surfaces if they linger long enough to begin deteriorating.

Furthermore, leaves are transporters of disease that can be very harmful to your plants that are in proximity to your hardscapes. One prevalent disease is called anthracnose fungus. Rain and wind can carry this fungus from the leaves to your plants.

At-risk brick pavers – Brick pavers that are uneven or loose can prompt all sorts of falls and other hazards and damage. Your hardscape professional will inspect your pavers to make sure that any loose or uneven pavers are corrected with polymeric sand. You want them to be secure and tight. In addition, weeds will need to be discovered and removed as you don’t want weeds to grow or remain in between your pavers.  

Faded or dirty hardscapes – While probably the easiest issue for the layperson to identify, stained, fading or dirty hardscapes should be corrected prior to winter settling in. If any of your hardscapes are in that condition, they will need to be pressure washed in the fall, so they’re fully restored.

Pressure washing is recommended so the stains and nay grime are removed from the hardscaping’s surfaces. If the color has faded too profoundly, you may need to reseal the structure. But resealing serves a vital function; it protects your hardscapes form damage and stains while restoring its natural luster. This is how you extend the life of your hardscapes. 

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