You can make the exterior of your house attractive by adding beautiful plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs, but how can you show off all that money and time that you have invested in enhancing your curb appeal at nighttime? Landscape lighting is the simple answer to that question. Also, it can come in really handy if you’re trying to sell your house. Buyers know that it’s not just a striking garden that comes with the house but also fancy lighting that can uplift its look after the sun sets.

If you want your house to be a prominent one in the neighborhood, then try installing landscape lighting. A soft glow on the patio and some warm light along the driveway can give your house a welcoming touch. This article will give you some ideas about landscape lighting that’ll add some life to the exterior of your house after the night falls.

The Use of Spotlights

When you have some valuable fixtures outside your house, then the use of spotlights can really highlight them during the nighttime. You must be wondering what it means by valuable fixtures. It can be some architectural design or large beautiful trees in your garden that would look amazing if accentuated with these lights. In-ground or well lights are the best choice for homeowners if they want to create artistic effects with the trees in their garden.

Light Up the Walkways

Another way of boosting your curb appeal during the evening hours is to light up the walkways and stairs. This just creates a welcoming effect that makes the visitor want to come inside the house. But there’s a variety of lighting that homeowners can choose from. Try to choose the lighting that complements the architecture of your house. You can install light globes in the ground on either side of the walkway, or if you have an arbor, you can decorate it with a string of lights to create a pleasant atmosphere. Another way of lighting up a walkway is to hide landscape lights in the hedges or foliage that grows on both sides of it.

The Use of Solar Lamps

If you’re lucky enough to have a house that receives sufficient sunlight, then install solar lamps or path lights in your garden to enhance your curb appeal during the nighttime. Homeowners can also benefit from the variety of decorative solar lights. You can choose colorful blown glass, solar lanterns, or string lights to create a warm ambience outside your house.

Landscaping Rocks

Natural stone is used for landscaping purposes commonly. But if you arrange a few rock lights with these natural stones, you can create a striking outdoor environment. Use this idea to light up your sidewalks, patio, porch, flowerbeds, and trees. Just make sure you choose rock lights that are durable.

With smartly installed landscape lighting, you can avoid compromising the beauty of your house and make your house look fascinating during the nighttime. However, homeowners need to keep landscape lights soft and warm or else they create a runway effect which doesn’t look very appealing. Also, install dawn to dusk sensors in order to keep the energy cost down.

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