For those homeowners who are interested in increasing their curb appeal, planting flowerbeds, shrubs, and ornamental grasses is not the only thing involved in landscape designing. There’s actually more to it. This article will help you identify some of the lesser known elements of landscape design that can enhance your curb appeal and make the exterior of your house look spectacular.

1- Fence Your House

There’s something really appealing and eye-catching about the houses that are framed with fences. As it turns out, fencing is a great component of landscape designing. There’s a variety of fences that homeowners can choose from, but the look that wooden fences provide is simply timeless and unbeatable.

2- Plant Living Walls

Interior designers are creating vertical gardens inside corporate buildings these days, so why should you not create one in your yard as well. For homeowners, there’s no better alternative to putting fences than growing tall hedges around the boundary of their house. If trimmed hedges are a little too much for your taste, you can always go for living walls made with loosely grouped plants.

3- The Use of Mixed Shrubs

Homeowners used to install foundation plantings to hide the raised structures of houses a few decades back. But since the construction of modern houses has changed, foundation plantings are no longer used for that purpose. There are other reasons to grow foundation planting, such as hiding unattractive vinyl sidings and covering the bleak look of lawns that do not have any mature trees.

4- Designing the Entryway

Yes, the driveway is very important when it comes to designing the landscape of your house, but what we’re talking about is your home entryway landscaping. As it turns out, there are numerous ways to attract visitors who come to your front door. If you create a stone pathway that leads to your front door with lush green patches of grass or flowerbeds on its both sides, you can surely stun your visitors into silence.

5- Maintaining Container Gardens

If you have a small area that you want to landscape, then nothing works better than container gardens. The best thing about container gardens is that they are mobile and can be moved away to another place when needed without much hassle. And guess what, container gardens allow you to grow tropical flowers in a cold climate as well. You can move them inside during the winter season.

6- Installing Water Fountains

Aside from choosing the right color scheme for your yard and the right seasonal flowers that accentuate the exterior of your house, you can also install water fountains. This is what landscape designers call hardscape. They are visually appealing, not just to the eyes but to ears as well. The sound of gurgling water fountain sure provides a soothing and relaxing effect. Moreover, moving water is a representation of coolness, even if you don’t touch the water, being around it leaves a cool effect on your mind.

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