Out of all the ways, there are to kill weeds in your yard, only a few of them are effective enough to be employed by homeowners. This article will share with you some of the best and proven ways to eradicate different types of weeds from your yard successfully.

Dealing with the Dandelions

The reason why the dandelions are tough to kill is that they have long taproots. This is the reason why the following three ways for removing the dandelion never work:

  1. Pulling the plant by grabbing the top of it only breaks it and leaves the root intact. This helps the weed grow back really fast.
  2. Using any weed killing spray, like Weed-B-Gon, only damages the leaves and doesn’t affect the root at all.
  3. Using a combination of lawn fertilizer and weed killer, like Weed-n-Feed, also doesn’t kill the taproot.

One of the effective ways to kill the dandelion is to use herbicide, like Roundup. But the problem is it would leave dead spots all over your lawn because the grass around the dandelion will also die. Thus, the best way to kill the dandelion is to use a weed digger and dig it out. Then spray some Weed-B-Gon into the hole from which you lifted the dandelion to kill the taproot.

Killing the Japanese Knotweed

If you spray a weed killer, it won’t affect the roots of the Japanese Knotweed. The best way to deal with this weed if it’s growing in your yard is to dig it out. If you have used a weed killer on it before, it might cause the roots to decay and you’ll be able to remove the root ball easily, despite it being large and heavy. But this is a process that you might have to repeat every month because you won’t be able to dig out all the roots.

Getting Rid of Moss

The best way of getting rid of moss is to overcome the drainage problem. The soil in your lawn must not trap excessive moisture. It must drain. If it does not, this condition can promote the growth of moss in your lawn. If you find clay type content in your lawn, it means your lawn has a drainage problem that’s causing moss to grow. Another reason for poor drainage of water on your lawn is a lot of foot traffic that leads to soil compaction. You can deal with it by aerating the soil.

Removing Poison Ivy

Make sure you’re properly dressed when trying to remove poison ivy from your yard. Wear rubber gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and boots. The best way to remove poison ivy is to cut it with pruners or shears and dispose of all the stems responsibly in garbage bags. If you can, try to remove the roots as well and use a shovel for that. Once you’re done with the entire process, do not burn poison ivy as its smoke can cause severe damage to your lungs. Put the cut plant parts in garbage bags, tie the bags and throw them in the trash. It would be better if you dispose of the gloves you used as well.

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