Common Questions About Mole Control In Oakland County, MI

Mole Control In Oakland County, MI
Mole control is a serious consideration if you’re a gardner and home owner living in Oakland County, MI. Moles are rodent pests that can destroy your yard, causing lumps in the earth and lifted plants and flowers. One day you may have a pristine yard complete with colorful annuals freshly-placed in the ground, with the next day displaying a yard complete with freshly dug-up dirt mounds, with the only color coming from the increasing redness of your complexion. Instead of immediately trying to remedy the situation, you should speak with a landscaping company regarding mole control.

Here are 4 of the most common questions asked by Oakland County, MI, residents regarding mole control:

1. Is Mole Control Truly Successful?

If you have just recently dealt with the exasperating effects a mole infestation brings, this will probably be your biggest concern. Unfortunately, mole control isn’t a one-and-done deal. It takes consistent work to keep the mole damage low in your yard. The only permanent way to permanently drive out moles would be to kill all the grass and living plants in your yard and pave the area. You could also try killing off all the insects in your lawn, since that is a mole’s main food supply. I’m sure neither of these are an option for home owners, since the joys of having a lush, green backyard are so great, and insects help to make it beautiful. You can be successful at decreasing the level of damage done to your yard by consistently creating unappealing scenarios for moles.

2. Can Moles Return After Extermination?

Even though you may have ordered an extermination from a landscaping company in Oakland County, MI, other rodents from nearby areas may still enter your yard and inflict damage. As mentioned before, there isn’t one permanent method to getting rid of moles completely. However, if everyone in your area received mole control, you may be able to significantly reduce yard damage by eliminating most of the mole population nearest to where you live.

3. Does Grub Control Work For Driving Away Moles?

One of the biggest myths out there is that killing all of the grubs in your yard will drive away moles forever since you’d be killing off their main food supply. Although, grubs are not moles main meal, earth worms are, and you do not want to get rid of worms because they help to enrich your soil, making it healthy for plants.

4. What Are The Methods Used For Eliminating Moles?

The two basic methods of mole control are trapping and poisoning. However, even poisoning can be a challenge since most products come in pellet form, and moles are natural insectivores, and don’t usually eat grains. Many people find these two methods to be inhumane and prefer natural methods of deterrent. Luckily, there are some plants that are naturally unappealing and revolting to moles, by creating an unpleasant smell. These plants include: Castor Bean, Caper Spurge, and Mexican Marigold.

Common Questions About Mole Control In Oakland County, MI

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