Tips For Crabgrass Prevention In Michigan

Tips For Crabgrass Prevention In Michigan

Home owners and professional landscapers alike understand how much work is involved in creating a beautiful landscape, and maintaining it. Weeds are one of every gardner’s worst enemies, with possibly the most widely known being crabgrass. This species of invasive plant can be found in almost any landscaping area in Michigan, and can easily take over and spread through flower beds and even hardscaping. Every Spring comes the laborious chore of cleaning your garden, pulling weeds, and dragging away the remains. However, there are a few ways you can kill crabgrass and keep it from taking over your yard. Read below for these tips:

1. Know When Germination Begins

The first step towards preventing the growth of crabgrass is to know when the seeds begin to germinate. Spring is common for seeds to begin to flourish, when the ground is regaining heat to around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when you should apply an organic herbicide to your landscaping, to prevent the seeds from germinating and growing stalks. You can hire a landscaping company to apply the herbicide and lay down fertilizer for your grass. Since your lawn uses different food sources that crabgrass, you won’t be hurting the grass when applying herbicide. Although this method is the most efficient at preventing crabgrass, you may still encounter weed growth, such as where some herbicide was blown by the wind. If this is the case, there are more ways to kill and stunt the growth of crabgrass.

2. Deep Water Your Lawn

Deep watering your lawn is to water it for a longer period of time, and less often. This type of manual irrigation ensures that the water absorbs deep into the soil and into the roots of the grass, as well as other shrubs and flowers in your landscaping. It also ensures that the water doesn’t just quickly evaporate from the sun, causing dead and damaged grass. Crabgrass prefers dry, sunny locations in order to thrive, while grass likes tons of water, so by deep watering your lawn, your creating a less than ideal situation for weeds. You will be ensuring a healthy environment for grass to flourish, and live for a long time.

3. Cut The Grass Short

Another simple way of preventing crabgrass is to mow your yard consistently, keeping it at a short length. This will help to ensure that the crabgrass cannot fully take root, as it is constantly being mowed over. Many Michigan home owners choose to hire a landscaping company to take care of all lawn and landscape maintenance, since keeping a lawn short requires a lot of mowing. This is one of the most natural ways to prevent crabgrass, as it doesn’t use any herbicides. It also creates a sleek, golf course, aesthetic, so you can enjoy not only a beautiful looking yard, but also one free of crabgrass.

Tips For Crabgrass Prevention In Michigan

Instead of getting frustrated with crabgrass this year, you can apply these simple methods to keep your yard looking beautiful.  If you are looking for a professional landscaping company, Sinacori Landscaping can provide all the services required to maintain your Michigan lawn, with efficient crabgrass prevention.