5 Essentials of Spring Clean-Up for Your Oakland County Landscaping

Spring Clean-Up for Your Oakland County Landscaping
Once warmer weather hits, it’s time to begin the annual Spring clean-up for your landscaping. These simple tasks can make a big difference for the preparation of Summer beauty, as well as setting the stage for a healthy yard that you can enjoy for months.

Here are the 5 Spring clean-up essentials every home owner and gardner should do:

1. Make the Beds (Flower Beds That Is)

Every home owner should start by cleaning out the beds of their landscaping by removing any dead brush, twigs, foliage, and leaves. This decaying debris can inhibit the growth of your new plants-to-be, if left unattended. Dead foliage and leaves can block essential nutrients, like sunshine and water, from reaching and absorbing into the soil, which prevents the unearthed seeds from maturing. It also effects curb appeal, by blocking the lovely greenery from deservingly showing through. Also, be sure to cut back ornamental grasses amongst your landscaping by at least 4 to 6 inches, for optimum new growth.

2. Feed The Lawn and Kill Weeds

You should now consider applying fertilizer onto your lawn to feed your grass and prevent the growth of weeds, such as crabgrass. The herbicide found in many commercial products isn’t harmful to the grass, so you don’t have to worry about preventing its growth. You can spray it, lay pebbles, or add concentrated powder to water, and apply it when you’re planting new flowers. Look for a fertilizer that specializes in each particular job, such as grass growth, or plant feed, and continue to fertilize and feed once every month starting in May.

3. Mulch It

Now that Spring is finally here, you should start thinking about buying mulch to lay down on all plant and flower beds. Not only is mulch attractive to the eye, but it also acts as a weed preventer by blocking its sun and water source. Mulch application should be done before any new planting is done, and before the perennials start to significantly grow. You can choose from different shades of wood chips, such as cherry, beige, and dark brown, to best suit your home’s aesthetic.

4. Maintain Weed Control

Applying herbicide to your lawn and gardens won’t be enough to prevent weeds from growing, so you’ll need to continue to maintain a clean yard by pulling weeds as they come, and spraying weed killer to spots as they appear. If you consistently control weed growth, you will have a much easier time maintaining a beautiful yard all Spring and Summer long.

5. Plant New Flowers

Wait until the beginning of May to plant any new shrubs, trees, or flowers in order to prevent damage from any late-season frost. Think about the color scheme you’d like to theme your garden around, as well as the structure of your landscaping. A professional landscape company can help you plan out a fresh new design for Spring, that includes bed placement, edging, edible gardens, and any other design element you’ve been imagining.

5 Essentials of Spring Clean-Up for Your Oakland County Landscaping

Planning and prepping your landscaping for Spring requires only a few simple tasks and organization. When you apply these basic Spring clean-up necessities, the end result will be a beautiful, healthy yard you can enjoy all Summer long.

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