Lawn Aeration: What Is It And What Are The Best Methods?

Oakland County Landscape Company Lawn AerationLawn aeration is a landscaping service that helps to control lawn thatch and soil compaction, improving the amount of oxygen in your lawn.  At Sinacori Landscaping, we can create holes in the soil, breaking it up for better penetration of rainfall and sunlight, which results in a greener, healthier, faster growing lawn. There are a few different methods of lawn aeration that can help your lawn reach its fullest potential, with the main difference between them being the amount of time and money it takes to complete:

1. Spike Aeration

A spike aeration tool drives wedge-shaped spikes into your lawn, forcing dirt to the side to create little holes. This method doesn’t actually remove any dirt, and it can potentially cause further soil compaction when the holes fill with water. This method is the least expensive and takes the least amount of time, and is best for projects that have a tight timeline.

2. Core Aerators

This method of aeration uses hollow prongs to lift longer sections of dirt out of the ground. This type of aeration is more effective at preventing future compaction in the soil by removing the soil, and allowing for proper penetration of water and sunshine. The removed soil can be left on the lawn and act as food for the grass, also reducing thatch. Core aerators provide home owners with a healthy, more aesthetically pleasing lawn.

3. Manual Lawn Aeration

Manual aerators combine two to three prongs mounted on a single bar with an attached handle for easy use. This method requires the user to place their foot on the bar, and press the aerator into the ground, while creating holes in the soil each time the handle is pulled up. Manual aerators are another cost effective way of aerating your lawn, although, they make up the price difference in the completion time. Compared to powered aerators, the manual method takes much longer to place holes in your entire yard.

4. Powered Aerators

Powered aerators are more expensive than the manual method, however, they are much more effective at their job and require much less time to complete. If you need your lawn aerated for a special event, or for any other specific deadline, this method may be the most appealing for its low maintenance ease. Powered aerators use an engine powered by fuel, and use prongs to press into the earth while creating holes. Powered aerators are best suited for professional use, because they can be heavy to operate and somewhat complicated to handle. Although, for the most adequately aerated, and professionally looking lawn, powered lawn aeration is the best method to use.

Oakland County Landscape Company Explains Lawn Aeration

Without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, lawn aeration is one of the best methods to keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. For the best results, contact Sinacori Landscaping today to schedule a lawn aeration service.

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