Oakland County Landscaper Gives Fall Maintenance Tips

Oakland County Landscaper Gives Fall Maintenance TipsYour yard work list is ever-growing as the seasons change. After the lawn is tended to and the perennials have been trimmed, the next thing on your list should involve the trees in your yard.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while working on your shrubbery this fall.

1. Planting And Staking

When it comes to tree planting in the fall, you can plant container-grown trees and evergreens. The evergreens can be planted once the summer heat starts to leave but before the winter sets in. Try not to stake the trees if they don’t need it. Trees need to bend and sway in the wind, as this is how they get stronger. If you stake the tree, it can’t move as easily and thus has a more difficult time strengthening its roots and trunk. Also, if it’s anchored, the tree’s roots may grow too fast. Although, if the tree leans or tips after being planted, you’ll have to stake it. Don’t use too heavy a material to tie the tree to the stake; use nylon stockings or elastic webbing to provide for some movement.

2. Watering

Water is the most important thing to a newly planted tree in autumn. This is especially true for evergreens. It’s important to water as deeply and thoroughly as possible. A heavy water-flow to the new tree ensures that the roots stay deep in the ground. Shallow watering makes the roots travel to the surface for water. Watering is as easy as placing a trickling hose at the base of the tree for 15 minutes. Shrubs require less time for watering. Soil type plays a factor in your watering schedule as well. If it’s sandy, water often; if it’s heavy clay, water less frequently.

3. Mulching

Mulching is a great way to conserve moisture and suppress weeds that compete with tree roots for water and nutrients. It’s encouraged to make a 2-3 inch deep ring of mulch and to extend it to the drip line of the branches. You don’t want the mulch to be too deep – 4 inches is pushing it. Mulching keeps the lawn mower away from the trunk of the tree, which not only keeps the lawn mower safe, but the tree safe as well. One thing to remember is to avoid “mulch volcanoes” from forming around the trunk. If there’s too much mulch against the bark, the bark can begin to rot, the roots can start circling, and you may encounter disease problems with the tree. Mulch properly, and you’ll avoid all these pitfalls.

4. Pruning

Your newly planted trees and shrubs won’t need much work, but your larger trees definitely will. Make sure to trim the longer limbs that could cause damage to your home or to those walking down the side walk. Properly trimming these trees will also help you avoid too much snow weighing down the branches after a snow dump.

Oakland County Landscaper Gives Fall Maintenance Tips

With these tips, you’ll easily stroke this item off your checklist. Proper tree care is important yet it can be difficult. If you need help with this task, contact Oakland County landscaper, Sinacori to tackle the job for you.

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