Landscape designOakland County Residential Landscape Design: Elements To Consider Before Hiring A Professional

Adding lush and colorful plants and flowers to your home can instantly boost its appearance and increase the value of your property. Oakland County residential landscape design also allows for better enjoyment and relaxation in the warmer months by creating an outdoor oasis you can entertain family and friends in. There are many benefits of adding landscaping to your home, and a professional can help you determine which elements will work best in your outdoor space and how you can maximize the design to create the most visual impact.

Before you begin planting and changing your landscaping, consider these components to make the most of your yard:

Know Your Space.
Before you head to the nursery, be sure you know the exact space you have available for plants and shrubbery. Measure your property so you can provide the dimensions to the professional, allowing them to decide which plants will work well together in your space in Oakland County. Many residential landscape design elements are determined upon the size of the outdoor space, the size of the plants, as well as the amount of plant life needed to properly balance the space.

Determine Your Family’s Needs And Wants.
To make the most out of your investment and provide an outdoor area suited to your lifestyle, you’ll want to determine how your family will use the space as well as any additions your family would enjoy. Residential landscaping design is not one-size-fits-all and can be customized to suit your life and wants. Ask yourself, what are the front and back yards used the most for, and what would my family enjoy the most?

Choose Your Landscaping Theme.
Browse through magazines and other publications to determine the theme of landscaping you’d like to create. This can be in the form of colors used, style of layout, shape of flower beds, as well as cultural influences like French and English garden design. A residential landscape design professional will have the expert knowledge available to help you create the landscaping theme you’ve always dreamed of by choosing the correct plants and flowers appropriate for your desired appearance.

Understand The Sun And Shade Your Yard Receives.
The plants and flowers you choose will depend a great deal upon the amount of sun and shade your yard receives on a daily basis. You will need to know the amount of hours of sunshine your landscaping gets as well as the amount needed by your desired plants and flowers.

Fix Any Slopes In Your Yard.
If your lot includes any slopes or hills, it can affect the rainfall your plants receive as well as the quality of drainage. You can correct any issues and help to regulate the amount of water traveling to your plant life with the addition of a retaining wall. A residential landscaping design professional can help you design a retaining wall to compliment your home’s aesthetic along with the theme of your landscaping.

You can create the landscaping of your dreams that suits your specific space and helps your family enjoy the outdoors with the use of these residential landscaping design elements.

Oakland County landscaping professionals, Sinacori Landscaping, can help you determine which elements will work best in your outdoor space and how you can maximize the design to make the most of your yard.  If you would like to receive more information call Sinacori Landscaping today at 248-651-5400.