Landscaping and Hardscaping Ideas for Your Michigan Home

Landscaping Meets Hardscaping: 4 Ways To Combine The Two This Fall

You may be thinking that it’s too late to start a new outdoor project. It’s fall, the kids are back at school, and there’s no use starting something that may go unfinished before the snow comes. However, a healthy combination of stone pathways and greenery can make you the talk of the block. Here are 4 ways to make your yard pop by using both, and why doing it this fall is the best way to go about it.

1. Walled-Off, Layered Flower Beds

Properly curated flower beds are a great way to get noticed in the neighborhood. If you put the flower bed in a multi-layer brick structure, not only will it give your yard curb appeal but it will hold moisture more effectively for your flowers. That moisture can be dedicated to the flowers in that bed and not be stolen by grass and tree roots on the ground. If you do this in the fall, the brick gets a chance to settle during the winter. If the brick was laid properly, your brick flower bed will be stronger than ever and will last a long time.

2. Walking Path Lined with Shrubbery

Paver stone or brick walkways can aid the traffic flow in your yard if you don’t want people walking on your grass. The shrubs can be tamed to whatever size and shape you desire, making your backyard truly yours. Getting this finished early can make sure the ground remains level during the winter. If you install the pavers correctly, they’ll keep the ground from rising or falling too much, thus keeping your walkway smooth next patio season.

3. Fire-Pit On The Lawn

A fire pit is perfect for those chilly nights. Building a stone base on the lawn to house your pit is a great way to reduce the risk of embers getting away and remaining lit. The grass and soil will wick the flames nicely. A fire pit will also add to the entertainment value of your home. Getting this out of the way now can make colder spring evenings and even those warmer winter days that much more fun. Your home will become the destination for your friends and family for backyard get togethers.

4. Vine-Covered Archway

While a touch on the extreme side, these archways add immense value to your home. A properly constructed archway looks very posh and sophisticated. With the addition of creeping ivy or a grape vine, you can create a luxurious entry point to your garden or backyard. An added bonus to the archway is the option to expand the building process. If you want, you can build a wall along one side of the arch and the edge of your garden. This will add a sense of privacy to your backyard, creating your own oasis to retreat to after a long day. Laying the ground work for this arch now will save you time and money next spring.

Landscaping and Hardscaping Ideas for Your Michigan Home

Building these projects doesn’t have to be done alone. A professional landscaping and hardscaping company, such as Sinacori Landscaping can help you design and create these various outdoor features, to provide for yourself the ultimate backyard retreat you can look forward to all winter long.

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