Royal Oak landscapingJune, July, and August are the hottest months of the year for Michigan. During this time, we’re all focusing on keeping ourselves hydrated and healthy, but we also want to enjoy the sunshine. But with the sun comes the heat. Even though the sunlight is good for your landscaping, the heat can do major damage if you don’t take the right precautions. To make sure your plants survive (and thrive), get in touch with a Royal Oak landscaping company. Here are some tips on how they can help you take care of your landscaping as the temperature goes up.

  1. Check on Your Plants – Which Ones Can Handle the Heat

Since Michigan has its humid days, you’ll want to check on your potted plants and garden. See if they’re handling the combination of heat and moisture well. Plants or flowers that are not able to handle such heat and humidity will wilt quickly and lose color. Of course, you should keep your plants hydrated. Any plant that can’t handle the heat can also be put under some shade.

A better option is to hire a professional landscaping company to take care of your plants for you. One of the common actions they’ll take is to space out your plants throughout the yard or garden bed. That way, each one can have a better chance of getting some water and the soil won’t hold onto the heat.

  1. Your Hardscapes May Be Contributing to the Heat

If your garden bed or lawn is designed around stone or brick paving, it is most likely increasing the heat your plants are getting. Most hardscape materials absorb heat and they can transfer that heat toward the plants. To solve this, the help of a Royal Oak landscaping company may be needed. Ask them to lay down some additional mulch to keep the plants and soil protected. It will do wonders for your plants if you offer this type of protection for them.

  1. Keep the Water Coming, But Don’t Overwater

Overwatering is a common mistake for most Michigan homeowners, especially during the summer. Although it seems like you’re taking extra precaution over your plants, too much water will make them look sickly. That’s the last thing you want if you’ve spent valuable time designing a garden, yard, or other areas of your landscaping.

To make sure your landscaping has the professional touch contact a Royal Oak landscaping company in your area. By having the experts take a look, you’ll know for a fact that your yard is in good hands.

The heat can do quite a number to any yard. Since landscaping is a day-to-day activity, it requires a great amount of dedication even on the hottest days. Do you feel like you need to take a breather from all that work? Leave your garden to Royal Oak landscaping experts and contact Sinacori Landscaping today. They extend their services throughout Macomb and Oakland County.